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This website contains the eContent and also contains a range of project topics to choose from this website for the students of Commerce and Management, latest jobs, important links for preparation for competitive exams , open access educational resources and Free eBook providing directory websites.
Project Topics General
Project Topics General

Project Topics General

* Financial Planning and forecasting

* A study Working Capital management with Reference to XYZ Company Project Finance as a Tool for Growth

* A Study on Project Risk and Return analysis with Reference to XYZ Company

* Creating Value through Financial Management

* A study on Accounts Receivable management

* A study on Accounts Payables Management

* Cost Reduction and Control

* Initial Public Offer & Analysis.

* A Project on Inventory Control

* A study on operating and financial leverage

* Structured Finance

* Debtor management

* A Study on Demat Account

* Study of Market Potential for Opening of De-Mat Account and Trading Account

* A Study of Mutual Fund and Its Scope

* A Study to Guide Investors in Online & Offline Trading in Equity Market

* A study on SEBI and Investor Protection

* A study of Investor Behaviour

* A Study on Investor’s Perception towards Online Trading

* Listing of securities

* A Study on the Indian Commodity Market

* Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Selected Securities

* Futures & Options

* Capital Market Reforms

* Analysis of Various Investment and Mutual Funds

* A comparative study On NSE and BSE

* Risk Management in Derivatives

* Stock Exchanges

* Analytical Study of Online Trading Services

* Research in Risk management, Banking, Derivatives etc

* Derivatives Market Analysis

* Portfolio Management

* Research in Risk management, Banking, Derivatives etc

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